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Jade and Floyd help a burnt out (and an unknowingly regressed Azul) with a bath before bed.

And The Request goes like this, Basically NRC is doing a Casual Theater Play for fun that year, The main idea is to basically recreate Heathers; The Musical but with their own cast. leona, unaware of what happened during the masquerade event, meets rollo.

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Its a gender neutral reader. . The prefect smiled at their newfound friends, hopeful for their future in the house of the vipers.

Might also be with the characters from Twisted Wonderland.

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. (a choose your own gender adventure) In which you are a witch from Earth, a witch versed in some of the Magick we know of in this world: not fireworks bursting from your palms or bending water and earth, but jars and candles, sigils and runes, magic circles and talismans.

Language: English.

You suddenly wake up inside of the world of Twisted Wonderland.

See a recent post on Tumblr from @cxlemon about twst smut. dorm.

Adventure Anime/Manga Fanfiction Twisted wonderland x Reader Action. .

Twisted Wonderland x Reader Requests! sopheeaboo.


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Jan 6, 2021 · Twisted wonderland x gn reader were the reader and the character go to mc's house in human worldSounds basic or plain i'm sorry i'm not good at making a request (tired-koala13). Might also be with the characters from Twisted Wonderland. Enjoy! To be fair – Grim didn’t mean for it to happen.

ENTER THE LION’S DEN. . cupids-chamber. Read || Note || from the story Twisted Wonderland : The Songstress's Lullaby || Reader Insert || by Sinner_Falls143 (Caelum_Elrica) with 1,102 reads. What would they do with this new.

Twisted-Wonderland Demon Slayer | Tomioka Giyuu | Fanfiction Romance Twisted Wonderland Heartslabyul Octavinelle Scarabia Savanclaw Pomefiore.

Discover more posts about twst x reader, twisted wonderland x reader, twst x you, twst headcanons, malleus x reader, trey clover x reader, and twst smut. My clothes had been changed too, whoever did this was going to get one hell of a mess to deal with.



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This is a book that will include The Reader (A.