The Steam Deck has plenty of room to grow, but already makes an astounding first impression.


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Steam Decks contain fans from one of two possible producers, Delta or Huaying. . View All Comments Valve is the latest company to be sued.


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It’s not free of problems, and it’s not a strict Steam Deck killer, but it provides broader support for games, more power, and acceptable battery life.


Steam In-Home Streaming lets you sling your games from any gaming PC to another over your home network, and it works beautifully on Deck with two annoying. Stream Deck is a well-known tool for streaming content.

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May 17, 2023 · Valve is being sued by haptic feedback company Immersion Corporation over its use of rumble in the Steam Deck and Valve Index VR headset.

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May 14, 2023 · Valve could easily stuff a high-end discrete GPU in and call it a day, but that would push the Deck way over its current $400 entry price. During the interview, the designers confirmed that there will be a Steam Deck 2, describing. .

. View All Comments Valve is the latest company to be sued. And while it’s still not finished, and may never be finished, Valve has spent nearly a year and over 100 updates showing that an early access game console can actually be worth money. . . fc-smoke">May 17, 2023 · Posted: May 17, 2023 4:06 pm.


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May 17, 2023 · The Steam Deck appears to be a much bigger success in terms of sales, however, and has generally been a hit with both critics and gamers.

I know this is the Steam version, and that this version is deck verified, but will there be any kind of update to the EGS version to make it playable on the Steam Deck? I'm not going to pretend to understand the logistics of something like that, but as it stands, the EGS version does not boot on a Steam Deck when using something like Lutris or.

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