I wouldn’t inject at night long term.


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21 taking 3 IU of HGH.

4 iu pharm grade GH from China, as 95 point raise per each 1iu.

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. 3ius and above will be needed for any noticeable fat loss effect based upon my experiences. This dosage allows gaining 5-10 pounds of lean muscle mass if proper nutrition and training are in place.

The effective dosage of HGH for bodybuilding is at least 4 IU. As a cautionary measure, if you use 10 IUs or more, it’s suggested to include insulin in your stack to help prevent problems with the pancreas.

I have gone hypo 4 times.

Hello, Ive been taking like 3IU's of HGH for about 2 months now.

If I stay at 3IUs for like another 3-4 months. 21 taking 3 IU of HGH.

Home. Some people start experiencing sides at low doses.

If I stay at 3IUs for like another 3-4 months.
I would think that dose overtime would cause u to be more insulin resistant and ur blood sugars could elevate, which would be pretty unhealthy.


More than 10 IU's of HGH daily, then divide into four doses:.

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My most recent test back in July of this year came back at 299 ng/mL running 4 iu's a day.

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If you’re using HGH for the first time, a dose of 4-6 IU will be effective.


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